About MicroGlobe



Microglobe specialize in class structural designs, synthesis, and blending technologies for mono- & poly-dispersed particles and their related packaging materials for Flat Panel Display and Semiconductor. Microglobe¡¯s products exhibit the world-best physical, chemical, and electrical properties.






   Monodispersed Microspheres for Conductive

   Ball and LCD Spacer

   Conductive Balls for ACF and ACP

   Insulated Conductive Balls for ACF and ACP

   Polymer Nanoparticles for Bio and Optical    applications

   Polydispersed Microspheres

Resins for Electronic Materials

   Resins for ACF and ACP





Anisotropic Conductive Film

Anisotropic Conductive Paste

Optical Films (Diffusion Film/Anti-Glare Film)

LCD Gap Spacer