What We Have Done So Far


In 1986 ShinHa Trading was founded and since then we have been mainly involved and specializing in importing and exporting of  raw materials, parts, equipements, and other high tech products for semi-conductor, FPD, solar and other state of the art industry. Especially, we are proud to tell you that ShinHa has contributed tremendously toward Korean semi-conductor industry from its developmental stage.



Our Capabilities


To our partners, ShinHa provides not only sales promotion but also business consulting. The members of ShinHa Inc have work experiences in a number of fields such as R&D, Manufacturing, and QA in top level companies like Samsung and LG. We also have built, maintained and valueed our trusting relations with many domestic companies as well as foreign companies. 



Our Vision


ShinHa is continuously trying to broaden and diversity business, for instance, ShinHa is aggressively pursuing business in FPD, LED lights, new forms of energy, etc.


We look forward to satisfying our customers with our  improved products and services.




 K. M. Suh