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Fusion Optix, founded in 2003 in Cambridge has been developing, and is able to efficiently manufacture high-grade optical films, components, and systems for use in display and lighting applications. The most unique VOLUMETRIC DIFFUSION PROPERTIES that are available in a wide variety of polymer materials create both symmetrical and highly asymmetrical diffusion profiles, improving head-on brightness, viewing angles, and sunlight readability. Based on The most flexible and most unique VOLUMETRIC DIFFUSION PROPERTIES, Fusion Optix maximizes system efficiency for LCD backlight and Lighting.




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Optical Films

   Diffusion Films

   Multifunctional Films

   Collimation & Tilting Films

Optical Component
   Advanced Diffusion Sheets
   Advanced Diffusion Lenses
   Light Guides

Optical System
   LCD Backlight Module
   Solid-State Light Engine
   LED Strips & Assembly






LCD Backlight (CCFL & LED)

LED Lighting

Projection Display