Optical Films, Sheets, and Systems for LCD Backlight

All Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) need Backlight Units (BLU) because LCD is not a self-emmitting display device. Thereofore, BLUs are use in wide range of applications such as hand-held devices, laptop, monitor, and TV.  Optical Films are used in BLUs to improve uniformity and brightness, and the market size of the otpical films for LCD BLU is expected to reach $2.4B in 2007. ShinHa,Inc. is introducing a wide range of optical films including diffusion film, collimation film, and multifunctional film as well as an emerging LED BLU system for next generation LCD in which Fusion Optixs proprietary optical film technologies are incorporated .



Diffusion Film

Collimation Film .

Multi Functional Film

LED Backlight




Fusion Optix



Functional Coated Film (AG, AR, Hard Coating) for Flat Panel Display

Functional coated films come in a variety of different coating types (Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflection, Hard Coating) and these films can diminish light reflection and provide scratch resistance. These funtional coated films are a core component of a Polarizer which is one of the most expensive parts for LCD and also used for a PDP filter and touchscreen.



Anti-Glare(AG) Film                                        

Anti-Reflection(AR) Film

Clear Hard Coating Film



Far Eastern Technology LTD



Viewing Angle Compensation Film for LCD

LCD requires viewing angle compensation films to achieve the +170 degrees of viewing angles the market expects.  Demand for  these compensation films for various types of LCD modes is rapidly growing, so the compensation film market is forecast to grow revenues at 15.5% per year to $3.1 billion by 2009. ShinHa, Inc. is providing a wide range of liquid crystal coated viewing angle compensation films (negative C, A, and O plate) for different types of LCD modes from Far Eastern Textile.



Uniaxial Retardation Film

  Negative C-Plate : Midsize TN, STN

  A-Plate : Midsize TN, STN

  O-Plate : Midsize TFT-TN

Biaxial Retardation Film

  Combination of negative C-/O-Plate : TN Mode LCD

  Combination of nnegative C-/A-Plate : VA Mode LCD



Far Eastern Technology LTD



AR Coating for High End Applications

High end applications such as Defense, Medical, Aerospace, Marine, and Automitive always expect high end parts and components to maintain their product qualtiy level. ShinHa, Inc. is providing the highest end AR coating product from a partner in Japan to Korean market.



Anti-Reflection Coating

   AR Coating for Plastics (PMMA, PC, MS, PET, TAC)

   High Durability AR Coating for In-Car Environment

   AR Coating for Medical High-Gradataion Monitor

   AR Coating for Non-Hard Acrylic Materials

   Wet Method AR Coating

Durability Coating

   Anti-Salt Water AR Coating

   Super Hydrophobic (Anti-Fingerprint) Coating




Conductive Particle and Insulated Conductive Particles for ACF/ACP

Anisotropic conductive film, generally known as ACF, is a product that has been used in the FPD to make the electrical and mechanical connections from the drive electronics to the glass substrates of the displays such as LCD and PDP. The core of ACF are micro-scale particles, so called, conductive particles and insulated conductiev particles. Due to an increasing demand on ever-finder pitches on display electrodes, display manufacturers now require higher quality conductive particles and insulated conductiev particles. Also, an increasing demand by application shift is led by semiconductor industry, where manufacturers have been driven to pursue every advantage in price, packaging, and functionality. ShinHa,Inc. is closely workding with MicroGlobe for overseas marketing activities.



Monodispersed Microspheres for Conductive Ball and LCD Spacer

Conductive Balls for ACF and ACP

Insulated Conductive Balls for ACF and ACP

Polymer Nanoparticles for Bio and Optical applications

Polydispersed Microspheres